At Native Plant Solutions, we are specialists in upland, wetland, aquatic, and environmental sciences.

We use our experience in conservation, research, and habitat management to offer a range of environmental services with exceptional return on investment based on sound science and natural processes.

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Naturalized stormwater systems

As a pioneer in the movement towards naturalized stormwater retention basins in Canada, we can help you create functional stormwater systems that enhance living spaces, deliver proven environmental benefits, and cost less than conventional retention basins.

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Native grasslands

Native grasslands are the clear choice for environmental stewardship. Drawing upon our experience planting thousands of acres of native grasslands across Canada, we can help you establish long-lived, low maintenance, and aesthetically-pleasing ground cover for urban and rural sites.

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Remediation & restoration of altered landscapes

Native plants are the cost-effective, environmentally-sound choice for remediating and restoring degraded or contaminated sites. We can help you deliver high quality results with immediate ecological benefits.

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Riparian zone restoration

Riparian zones are the boundaries between the aquatic and terrestrial areas of a landscape. Through our extensive experience and pioneering techniques, we can help you restore, reclaim, and build healthy riparian zones that provide crucial environmental and economic benefits.

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Green roofs

Green roofs inject a spot of green into the urban landscape and help you improve energy consumption, lower cooling costs, and reduce rainwater runoff. We can help you establish a natural, sustainable green roof that will bring nature closer to your city.

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Performance improvement solutions

Our State of Knowledge reports, workshops, and extensive scientific and technical expertise can give your company the tools it needs to operate effectively within your environmental and regulatory climate.

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Environmental services

Proceed with confidence that your project meets expectations and regulatory requirements. Our professionals provide you with pre- and post-project ecological information, field data collection, and analysis.

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Treatment wetland systems

Treatment wetlands are the cleaner, natural, and cost-effective method of reducing nutrient levels in municipal wastewater while meeting changing policies and management practices.

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