Gord MacKay

Native Upland Specialist

Gord worked in the golf industry for 20 years before joining NPS in 2007. His in-depth knowledge of both cultivated and native plant species and their site range capabilities is essential in developing site appropriate native seed mixtures and revegetation methodologies that work in various climates and landscapes. Gord is the Project Lead for the native upland areas in Sage Creek and South Pointe as well as numerous other projects, and his project portfolio totals over 150 acres of established native uplands. He has extensive experience in site preparation, native vegetation establishment and maintenance, and erosion and weed control, as well as sourcing high quality seed and vegetation for use on NPS projects. Gord has a B.Sc. in Plant Science from the University of Manitoba, and he holds Pesticide Applicator’s Licenses for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta as well as a current Integrated Pest Management Certificate.