The Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater is a housing development that covers more than 500 hectares and is currently composed of four distinct neighborhoods.

In total these four Bridgwater neighborhoods contain 25 ha of naturalized stormwater retention basins and over 30 ha of native grasses.

The Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater include Bridgwater Forest, Centre, Lakes and Trails. Bridgwater Forest was the first neighborhood constructed and contains four naturalized stormwater retention basins; Bridgwater Centre, Lakes, and Trails each consist of four, three, and six naturalized stormwater retention basins respectively.

NPS has been responsible for designing, installing and maintaining the naturalized stormwater ponds. This includes installing wetland plant material, pond commissioning, soil treatment, native grass seeding on the buffer strips, weed control, erosion control, goose deterrence, and post-establishment maintenance. Post-establishment maintenance has already been undertaken at Bridgwater Forest Phase 1 in the form of a controlled burn in 2014.

In 2015 NPS began revegetation activities on the former Cadboro Road West landfill site, which has been closed since 1975. When complete this park will be known as Eskar Park and will feature 12.75 hectares of native grasses and wildflowers with walking trails throughout.