A first-of-its-kind project in Canada, the Niverville Lagoon System uses phytoremediation for onsite lagoon decommissioning.

2014 Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Award for Innovation and Research for Sustainability on the Niverville Lagoon System.

Niverville Wins National Environmental Award

CAMA Awards 2019 Awards Summary

Niverville recognized for lagoon remediation

The intention of the Town of Niverville was to decommission the 12 ha Niverville Lagoon System in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and economic manner. NPS proposed in situ treatment of bio-solids (sludge) using phyto- and bio-remediation and worked with both Niverville and the Manitoba Government to undertake this exciting new option for lagoon decommissioning.

Decommissioning lagoons through bio- or phyto-remediation had never been undertaken in Canada. As project managers, NPS conducted the wetland design and commissioning, as well as oversaw the construction and installation of this ground-breaking study. In order to ensure delivery of scientifically-defensible results, NPS also partnered with researchers and graduate students at the University of Manitoba to conduct a series of greenhouse experiments and field trials.

In terms of the efficacy of removal, initial results show a decline in nitrogen, phosphorus and trace elements biosolids concentrations. The bioremediation method is approximately 25 – 44% of the costs for the traditional methods of decommissioning sewage lagoons.