Faced with the challenge of expanding the capacity of their existing lagoon system, the Village of St-Pierre-Joly's reached out to Native Plant Solutions.

Native Plant Solutions was approached to complete a scoping exercise on the expansion of the Village of St. Pierre-Jolys’ lagoon system, in order to meet the needs of their growing population.

The existing lagoon contained a primary and secondary cell, but was strained to meet restrictions regarding the timing of when water could be released and the ability to meet the acceptable water quality standards at the time of discharge.

This scoping exercise provided the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys with two options for physical expansion of the current lagoon system. These options also included the incorporation of a third wetland treatment cell that utilized phytoremediation (i.e., plant-based remediation) as part of the treatment process. In a final report detailing the expansion of the lagoon system Native Plant Solutions provided the following services:

  • A review of Manitoba Wastewater Guidelines, Standards and Recommendations that St-Pierre-Jolys would have to meet with the lagoon expansion;
  • Calculation of capacity requirements for the lagoon expansion;
  • An in-depth review of the options for lagoon expansion, including the associated costs and environmental implications with a conventional expansion only and an expansion including a wetland component; and
  • An in-depth review of the options for lagoon treatment to meet Manitoba’s provincial wastewater guidelines, including associated costs and environmental implications of employing chemical treatment versus phytoremediation