The Floating Cattail Bioplatform research project was designed to develop and evaluate an innovative new technology for the removal of phosphorus from natural wastewater systems, leading to its eventual commercial deployment.

Field testing of a prototype design for Floating Cattail Bioplatforms that utilizes cattails to sequester nutrients was undertaken at FortWhyte Alive (FWA).

There are numerous applications for this technology, including the restoration of degraded natural wetlands, the sequestration and removal of nutrients from waterbodies and urban stormwater retention ponds, and the treatment of municipal wastewater.

The prototype Floating Cattail Bioplatforms have been designed and built by Curry Industries. In order to successfully remove the sequestered nutrients from the system, options for biomass harvesting are being explored including its potential as a biofuel or feedstock. Partners on the project include the University of Manitoba, Curry Industries Ltd., FortWhyte Alive, Red River College, Ducks Unlimited Canada, International Institute for Sustainable Development and Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship.