The Harbourview housing development consists of two naturalized stormwater retention ponds and short grass prairie park designed by NPS.

The initial stormwater retention pond at Harbourview was the first retrofit completed by NPS that saw the conversion of a conventional stormwater pond into a naturalized system.

The first pond at Harbourview was a retrofit to an existing conventional stormwater pond that was initiated in 2006. The pond was enlarged to increase its stormwater holding capacity and a naturalized wetland vegetation component was added, along with a native grass buffer strip. A second naturalized stormwater retention pond was constructed in 2006, and a portion of greenspace along the trail between the two ponds was seeded with a blend of short grass native turf species.

NPS has been responsible for completing the wetland and retrofit designs, installing wetland plant material, pond commissioning, soil treatment, native grass seeding on the buffer strips, weed control, erosion control, goose deterrence, and post-establishment maintenance. Post-establishment maintenance to date has consisted of a prescribed burn on the bufferstrip on the original Harbourview retrofit pond in 2012.