The Oak Hammock Marsh lagoon system was installed in 1992 to treat wastewater effluent from the Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre and Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Head Office.

This system services over 100 full-time Ducks Unlimited Canada staff and 100,000 others that visit the interpretive centre annually.

This system is composed of a primary cell, secondary cell, and tertiary cell or wetland treatment system. Treated wastewater is then released from the tertiary cell into Oak Hammock Marsh. Although small improvements in water quality are made between the primary and secondary cells, the majority of nutrient reduction occurs in the tertiary cell. The tertiary cell was designed as a wetland treatment and contains approximately 50% coverage of cattail. No maintenance (i.e., harvesting) has been required on the tertiary cell throughout the treatment system’s lifetime, to date.