A series of field studies were designed to target specific groups of organisms that commonly occur within the habitats of Ridgewood.

The Ridgewood Biological Inventory was conducted to provide information to help guide development projects within the Ridgewood South Precinct and enable decision makers to take actions that help minimize or avoid adverse environmental effects.

The Ridgewood South Biological Inventory included an extensive inventory of flora, fauna and habitat in a 325 ha area being proposed as one of Winnipeg’s newest developments.  During public consultations, concerns were raised regarding the potential impacts on existing flora and fauna in the area.

Native Plant Solutions designed and conducted scientific surveys for:

  • Owls
  • Amphibians
  • Waterfowl and Upland Nesting Birds
  • Breeding Songbirds
  • Yellow Rails
  • Flowering Plants
  • Vegetation and major habitat classes
  • Wetlands
  • Mammals

Findings from the Ridgewood South Biological Inventory were designed to help identify and provide recommendations for those locations where further habitat fragmentation or habitat loss may risk loss of sensitive species or species of special interest. Recommendations were provided on how to lessen or avoid impacts, through preservation, mitigation or enhancement of existing habitat.