The South Pointe and Prairie Pointe housing developments will feature 14 naturalized stormwater retention ponds. South Pointe is now complete, and Prairie Pointe is in progress.

Together, these 14 retention ponds in South Pointe and Prairie Pointe will total over 24 hectares of wetlands and over 50 hectares of native upland grasses and wildflowers once complete.

South Pointe is a 195 ha housing development for which NPS has designed, installed, and commissioned 7 naturalized stormwater ponds and 2 sediment ponds beginning in 2008, which cover 12 ha.

South Pointe also features an extensive 20 ha tract of native grass public reserve areas installed by Native Plant Solutions along the stormwater system. A large part of this public reserve area (1.5 ha) was designed to serve as a bioswale and provides backyard drainage for more than 40 lots, directing snowmelt and run-off into the naturalized stormwater system. The public reserve area also features a series of interpretive signs designed by NPS to educate the public about the naturalized stormwater systems and native grass plantings. Post-establishment maintenance, in the form of a prescribed burn, has also been conducted in all of the upland native grass buffer strips surrounding the stormwater retention ponds.

Prairie Pointe is a 250 hectare housing development initiated in 2012 and features 7 additional stormwater ponds totaling over 12 ha in area. All ponds will have been designed and constructed by NPS staff. The placement of control structures, pond elevations and water availability have all been important considerations in relation to the concept design and commissioning logistics. Construction and revegetation of the first two ponds began in late 2015, and the third pond was added in late 2017.