Previous flooding disturbance had left approximately 0.5 ha of riverbank cleared of vegetation and prone to erosion adjacent to the St. Adolphe flood protection dyke.

The St-Adolphe Riparian Revegetation willow planting project was undertaken along a 100 m segment of the Red River to revegetate and stabilize this compromised section of riverbank.

The lower zone was 1,200 m² and consisted of willow cuttings, rooted tree plantings and grasses. Approximately 2,800 willow cuttings were installed. The upper zone was 1,800 m² and consisted of rooted tree plantings and native grasses. Native Plant Solutions was tasked with developing a revegetation strategy, detailed planting specifications, supervising construction, and performing site inspections. The St-Adolphe Riparian Revegetation design had to meet the satisfaction of the Government of Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans.