Green roofs inject a spot of green into the urban landscape and take nature to new heights.

Green roofs are sprouting up in cities across Canada. They improve energy consumption while lowering cooling costs in the summer.

Because they can retain more rainfall than conventional roofs, green roofs also reduce runoff into storm sewers and form a protective layer that extends the life of a roof membrane.

Green roofs reduce the visual footprint of buildings, making urban centres an attractive place to work and live. They provide habitat for insects and songbirds, bringing nature closer to city dwellers. Transpiration by plants and surface evaporation also has a cooling effect in the immediate vicinity, reducing summer temperatures and turning rooftops into usable public spaces.

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Why Native Plant Solutions?

We have a deep understanding of the biological systems and the processes that go into establishing a green roof.

Selecting the right native species for your roof conditions, understanding the nutrient needs of the selected species, and creating a sound maintenance plan so that seeds of unwanted species do not take hold are all critical in a successful green roof.

What we offer

  • Site assessment
  • Plant selection and procurement
  • On-site supervision
  • Construction
  • Supporting research
  • Design
  • Tender package preparation
  • Seeding and weed suppression strategies
  • Ongoing consultation

We have the experience and expertise in working with vegetating green roofs to work with you to make your project a success.

Our expertise

  • Our staff are specialists in upland, wetland, aquatic, and environmental sciences.
  • We were involved in the establishment of the first and largest green roof in Manitoba. The knowledge and experience gained in creating this sustainable landscape sets us apart.