Native plants are the cost-effective, environmentally-sound choice for remediating and restoring degraded or contaminated sites.

The use of plants to remediate and restore contaminated or degraded soils and altered habitats provides an attractive alternative to more expensive and labour-intensive engineering approaches.

Native species are the clear choice for environmental stewardship. As indigenous species, they naturally adapt to the climatic and environmental conditions they grow in, making them a truly sustainable choice.

We customize each stand of native species so there is always vegetative cover on the land through the changing seasons. Certain native species are better suited to the cool, moist periods of spring and fall while others tolerate drier, hotter summer periods.

Once established, native grasslands are low maintenance. They need rejuvenation only once every five years. This means your maintenance costs will be lower over the long-term.

Native plants provide economic benefits.

  • low-maintenance: there’s no need to water or fertilize
  • minimal mowing / thatch managment

Native plants provide environmental benefits.

  • Native plants promote the removal of pollutants through processes such as uptake and concentration, transformation, stabilization, and rhizosphere degradation.
  • Native species are resilient against the establishment of weedy and invasive species. They possess better defense systems against pests and diseases than non-native species.
  • Their deep roots can sequester significant amounts of atmospheric carbon.
  • Native plants provide exceptional habitat and shelter from the elements for wildlife.
  • Their structure both above and below the soil surface aids in managing wind, water, and soil erosion.

Native plants may be the right choice for your project.

  • Parking lots and transportation rights of way
  • Mine tailings reclamation
  • Brownfield reclamation
  • Erosion-prone sites

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Why Native Plant Solutions?

We are the most experienced company in Canada in remediation with native species and creating sustainable landscapes.

We have a deep understanding of the ecological systems and their biological and chemical processes. We have remediated thousands of acres in western Canada ranging from industrial urban sites to natural settings.

What we offer

  • Site assessment
  • Plant selection and procurement
  • On-site supervision
  • Post-planting management
  • Supporting research
  • Design
  • Site preparation
  • Installation of selected plant material
  • Ongoing consultation

A healthy landscape has many micro-environments that support different combinations of native plant species. Based on our years of experience, we provide planting designs that reflect our understanding of the physical environment and unique plant characteristics. Each site plan is based on sound scientific practices.

A detailed step-wise plan—from pre-seeding to post-establishment—is crucial for successful remediation with native species. We provide you with concepts and on-the-ground products that work.

Our expertise

  • Our staff are specialists in upland, wetland, aquatic, and environmental sciences.
  • We employ cost-effective techniques that match the appropriate native species with your site’s environmental conditions.
  • Our techniques deliver high-quality results that provide immediate ecological benefits.
  • Our plantings are designed to withstand a variety of site conditions.
  • Our breadth of experience allows us to provide you with sound strategies for both short- and long-term site management that significantly reduces your maintenance costs.

Remediation & restoration of altered landscapes in action