Our State of Knowledge reports and workshops provide invaluable insights, understanding, and education.

With our extensive scientific and technical expertise in wetland, upland, aquatic, and wildlife sciences, along with our network of contacts within the scientific and technical community, we’re uniquely positioned to provide you with leading-edge performance improvement solutions.

State of Knowledge Reports

Your business will operate most effectively within the environmental and regulatory climate when it has access to timely and current information.

Our State of Knowledge reports provide an invaluable resource that synthesizes current scientific and environmental knowledge while identifying important knowledge gaps. When you identify gaps before a project is underway, you can flag areas where research, reconnaissance, or recommendations from experts is needed—putting you a step ahead of your competition.

Our State of Knowledge reports help you minimize problems on the ground, highlight areas in the process that may need altering, and indicate the implications of specific actions. They offer practical insights and environmental solutions based on sound science.


Our workshops are led by people with scientific and on-the-ground experience. They’re the perfect complement to in-house training to meet your needs. By participating in one of our workshops, your staff will gain a better understanding of the landscape they are working in and will have the confidence to meet project goals.

We tailor our workshops to meet the current needs of your staff. Our topics are immediately applicable, and cover scientific, technical, and general interest topics. Some topics include:

  • soil classification and characterization
  • wetland ecology / management, classification, and delineation
  • naturalized stormwater design and management
  • naturalization using native grasses

Our workshops are particularly valuable to regulators. We can help you better understand wetland and native grassland systems and to identify what project success looks like on the ground. We offer on-site classroom and field-based workshops.

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