A healthy riparian zone provides you with many crucial environmental and economic benefits.

Riparian zones are the boundaries between the aquatic and terrestrial areas of a landscape. If fish habitat is disturbed or disrupted during construction or other activities, federal regulations may stipulate remediation and restoration of an affected riparian area.

There are many environmental and economic benefits in maintaining healthy riparian zones.

  • Shoreline and riparian vegetation provide stability and protection against erosion to riverbanks and shorelines.
  • Riparian vegetation traps sediment and nutrients from surface run-off, improving water quality for downstream rivers and lakes.
  • Riparian and aquatic plant communities can mitigate the magnitude of flood events.
  • The underwater structure created by riparian plants supports aquatic invertebrate communities that, in turn, provide an important food source for fish.
  • Riparian plant communities help regulate water temperature. This is important in nutrient cycling and critical to the productivity of certain species of freshwater fish.

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Why Native Plant Solutions?

We have a deep understanding of the biological systems and the processes that are essential in ensuring successful riparian zone restoration.

We bring these together to develop and build a successful product that meets your needs.

What we offer

  • Site assessment
  • Design
  • Plant selection and procurement
  • Tender package preparation
  • On-site supervision
  • Construction and installation of selected plant material
  • Post-planting management
  • Ongoing consultation
  • Supporting research

There are several key factors that determine the success of riparian zone restoration.

  • The selection of appropriate plant species for each ecological area of a stream or river, and for marshes and lakes.
  • The correct timing of planting.
  • Designs that take the nature of local hydraulic forces into account.

We have extensive experience in incorporating these factors into successful riparian zone reclamations, and have pioneered various techniques in “greening” the hard structures used for bank stabilization.

Our expertise

  • Our staff are specialists in upland, wetland, aquatic, and environmental sciences.
  • We are familiar with the regulatory framework related to riparian areas.
  • We have the expertise to develop and implement revegetation plans that meet the necessary regulatory requirements.
  • We recognize the level of complexity that must be accommodated in site plans for successful riparian zone reclamation and restoration.
  • We have years of on-the-ground experience that allows us to develop effective and efficient techniques, providing quality results and immediate ecological benefits.
  • Our strategies are cost-efficient and an ecologically effective means of riparian zone reclamation.