Treatment wetlands are the cleaner, natural, and cost-effective method of reducing nutrient levels in municipal wastewater.

The degraded state of surface waters throughout Canada is receiving ever-increasing attention.

New policies and management practices are now being implemented in an attempt to reduce nutrient inputs to receiving waterbodies. Regulations affecting the timing of wastewater releases and the nutrient concentrations during discharge have become more stringent, and traditional two-cell treatment systems may no longer adequately meet these needs.

A third treatment wetland cell as the final stage in the system is a strong natural option to improve water quality before wastewater is released. Biological activity in tertiary wetlands helps reduce a broader range of nutrients and trace metals than phosphorus alone. In many cases, the wastewater released from treatment wetlands is cleaner than the receiving waterbody.

Natural alternatives to wastewater treatment can help you:

  • Meet wastewater quality standards
  • Find a more affordable treatment option
  • Lower long-term maintenance requirements

The construction of treatment wetlands is the most cost-effective method of reducing nutrient levels in municipal wastewater. Including a treatment wetland during the design phase has also been found to be lower maintenance in the long term.

Why Native Plant Solutions?

We are on the leading edge of treatment wetland systems.

Our innovative and scientific approach to the design and construction of treatment wetlands is based on over 75 years of research conducted by Ducks Unlimited Canada.

What we offer

  • Site assessment and feasibility studies
  • Design
  • Supporting research
  • Plant selection and procurement
  • Tender package procurement
  • On-site supervision
  • Construction and plant installation
  • Ongoing consultation
  • Scientific and communication support

Our designs utilize best management practices and bring together natural processes found in the existing environment. Since constructing Manitoba’s first treatment wetland at Ducks Unlimited Canada’s headquarters in Oak Hammock Marsh in 1992, we have continued to design and build new treatment wetland systems while exploring ways to improve existing systems.

Our expertise

  • Our staff are specialists in upland, wetland, aquatic, and environmental sciences.
  • We are familiar with the regulatory framework related to wastewater management.
  • Our techniques provide high quality results with immediate ecological benefits.
  • Our breadth of experience allows us to provide you with sound management strategies and significantly reduce annual operation costs.