Naturalized stormwater systems are good for the community, good for the environment, and good for the bottom line.

We pioneered the movement towards naturalized stormwater retention basins in Canada by creating functional and sustainable stormwater systems.

Naturalized stormwater systems benefit the community.

Naturalized stormwater systems create attractive and inviting places that support biodiversity while connecting residents with nature.

A naturalized stormwater system is designed with an understanding of waterfowl behaviour. Unlike conventional stormwater basins that struggle with urban goose problems, our systems are designed with deterrence and goose management in mind, ensuring fewer concerns with loafing Canada geese.

Naturalized stormwater systems also support a variety of songbirds, dragonflies, and other wildlife species. This not only enhances a visitor’s experience, it acts as a natural mosquito population control.

Naturalized stormwater systems benefit the environment.

Naturalized stormwater systems are living ecosystems that incorporate natural biological processes designed to improve watershed health. They provide

  • better water quality
  • no toxic algal blooms or unwanted submersed vegetation
  • increased carbon sequestration and decreased greenhouse gas emissions

Naturalized stormwater systems benefit your bottom line.

Naturalized stormwater systems provide financial benefits through lower construction and long-term maintenance costs than conventional retention basins.

  • less soil is removed
  • rock or soil does not need to be imported to a site
  • construction time is reduced
  • basin construction can occur during slower times of the year
  • maintenance of surrounding native grasslands is a fraction of the cost of maintaining sod
  • no maintenance is required to remove or manage unwanted algal blooms or submersed vegetation

As well, data shows higher property values around naturalized basins when compared to conventional basins. The end result is greater revenue opportunities for you.

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Why Native Plant Solutions?

We take a natural systems approach to your project.

We have a deep understanding of the biological systems and the processes need to ensure successful naturalized stormwater management.

What we offer

  • Site assessment
  • Design
  • Plant selection and procurement
  • Tender package preparation
  • On-site supervision
  • Construction and plant installation
  • Ongoing consultation and management
  • Award-winning results*

*In 2016, the City of Moncton received an environmental award from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators as a result of work with NPS to develop and adopt naturalized stormwater management guidelines.

We are the most experienced company in Canada in naturalized stormwater system design, construction, and management. Our process brings together the key factors that determine the success of naturalized stormwater systems:

  • Correctly contoured vegetation zones to promote the growth of emergent and wet meadow species
  • Appropriate plants that respond to a site’s range of environmental gradients and hydraulic conditions
  • Vegetation selection and installation by wetland experts
  • Managed water levels to encourage the spread of desirable vegetation and reduce the spread of weeds

We have a deep understanding of these factors and incorporate them into designing and building your product to meet your needs.

Our expertise

  • Our staff are specialists in upland, wetland, aquatic, and environmental sciences.
  • We employ cost-effective techniques that provide the highest quality of habitat possible according to your engineering requirements. In creating a naturalized area, we modify the design from the core channel to the freeboard.
  • Depending on the project, we offer original designs that meet your needs. Our experienced specialists provide concepts that work.
  • Our experience and proven track record allows us to provide sound advice about the timing and type of post-installation management needed to reduce your long-term maintenance costs.

Naturalized stormwater systems in action